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Vincent M Battista, MSc, PhD

Vincent Battista is a senior data analyst and bioinformatician within in the CTEU working with Drew/Chan labs. Vincent is a biological anthropologist by training, and he received his PhD from the University of Michigan. His doctoral research investigated local genetic adaption to environmental extremes in Indigenous communities from Central and South America. He is interested in ecological and social determinants of health, in particular for diaspora and migrant communities. 

Kevin Casey, MPH

Kevin Casey joined the CTEU in June 202 as a Data Analyst. He graduated from the Yale School of Public Health with an MPH in epidemiology. Kevin conducts analyses and contributes to papers for IBD-related projects.

Prasanna Challa, MS

Prasanna completed his Master of Science in data science from CCIS at Northeastern University in Boston. He is currently working as a Data Analyst II at the CTEU under Dr. Hamed Khalili and Dr. Tracey Simon. His primary focus is IBD and Liver disease related analyses and construction of EMR-based cohorts. 


Ling Chen, MS

Ling is a senior data analyst in Dr. Alisa Manning’s lab. Interpreting data and solving problems are key part of her work. She received both MS degrees in Genetics and Bioinformatics. Ling hopes to become a good bridge between these two fields.


Ching-Ying (Jessica) Huang, BS, MSc


Jessica is a data analyst in the Lai lab and CTEU. She completed her master's degree in biostatistics at the University of Connecticut with a concentration in quantitative data analysis and data manipulation. As an analyst, she loves being organized so that she can be the "glue" that holds together complex datasets, allowing the research team to see how to move the science forward. During her free time, Jessica can be found traveling, visiting exhibitions, and playing board games.


Sarah Hsu, MS

Sarah joined the CTEU in September 2019 as a computational biologist. She's interested in applying computational methods to analyze genomic and genetic data in diabetes research. She graduated with a MS in computational biology from Carnegie Mellon and a BS in Biology from UCLA. Her current projects include looking at gene expression analysis influencing insulin resistance and genetics of type 2 diabetes.

Bjorn Roesltraete, PhD

Bjorn Roesltraete is at the Karolinska Institutet in Stocklhom and is working with the CTEU as a Data Analyst. 


Jacob Vieira, BS

Jake is a data analyst in the Lai lab and CTEU. He studied Microbiology and Biotechnology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, with a special focus on bioinformatics training and research.  He has never met a data science problem that he didn’t enjoy solving.  He spends his spare time with games, hobby programming, photography, and piano.

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