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Chuanguo Guo, MBBS, MMed

Chuanguo Guo is a PhD student from the University of Hong Kong, China. He joined the CTEU in 2019 as a research visitor and is mentored by Dr. Andrew Chan. His research interests include the etiology of colorectal cancer and gastrointestinal bleeding. Chuanguo earned his MMed from the Shandong University and the MBBS from the Central South University.

Jiancheng Mo

Jiancheng Mo was with the CTEU from May 2018 through June 2020. He completed a PharmD student at MCPHS University in Boston. He worked in the CTEU as a research intern studying the in vitro effect of aspirin on prostaglandin E2 and inhibitory mediators in patient-derived colon organoids. He is now pursuing a postdoctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Dr. David Williams at Children’s Hospital Boston.


Daniel Packard

Daniel joined the CTEU while an undergraduate at Yale University and assisted in clinical research projects.

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