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Alisa Manning, PhD

Dr. Alisa Manning is an Assistant Investigator in the CTEU, an Instructor of Medicine at HMS, and an Associated Scientist in the Metabolism Program and the Data Science Platform at the Broad Institute. She uses novel analytic methods in genetic and molecular epidemiology to study multifactorial diseases like type 2 diabetes in order to detangle their complex architecture and enable translational research and accelerate precision medicine. Dr. Manning and her research group are currently implementing molecular (multi-omics) and whole genome sequence association studies for type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease in individuals with type 2 diabetes, investigating the molecular and functional causes of observed genetic associations with glycemic traits and diabetes risk, and performing large-scale studies of gene-environment interaction in the UK Biobank, TOPMed and the All of Us cohorts. Dr. Manning leads an effort to deploy software tools and pipelines in the NHLBI’s Biodata Catalyst, a cloud based computing ecosystem.


Dr. Manning earned her PhD from Boston University.

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