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Epidemiological data analysis and study design:

Study design

  • Study design and/or patient selection from Electronic Health Records/RPDR

  • Sample size estimates

  • Protocol development

  • Data analysis plan

Study start up

  • IRB overview consult

  • IRB materials preparation/maintenance


  • Generation of dataset using EHR, Epic, or MGB Biobank portal

  • Epidemiological or pharmaco-epidemiology data analysis

  • Analysis of genomic/metabolomic/epigenomic or other omics data sets

  • Causal inference/Mendelian randomization analyses

  • Bioinformatics support

  • Analytic plans, sample size or power calculations for grant proposals/manuscripts

  • Statistical programming (R/SAS/Stata/Python) and cluster computing support (ErisOne/Channing/FAS)

  • Training in epidemiologic/statistical methods

  • Programming review/debugging


Study design

  • Biorepository sample and collection consult

  • IRB protocol review

Lab space for sample processing

Trained technical support for sample processing

Sample accessioning, storage, retrieval, shipping and tracking

Laboratory Scientist
Blood Samples
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